Back to work!

Back to work it is! 😃

Hi Everyone, hope you’re all well ☺️

After reviewing Borris’ announcement I’ve made the decision to reopen for work from Thursday this week 🙌🏻

Precautions such as social distancing and full ppe will be adhered to 😷

As you may know having a van mounted cleaning machine means the majority of my equipment never leaves the van and I safely clean at very high temperatures.

Any tools brought into the property will be wiped down and sanitised after each job. If I leave to go to the van and then re-enter a new pair of gloves will be worn.

Customers and family members ideally will stay in another room to the one being cleaned.

Unfortunately I won’t be accepting brews ☕️ at the current time 🙁😝

After completion I will call you to let you know that I’m finished, you’re free to inspect the works to make sure you’re happy and if you are, then payment will be electronically made if possible.

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