Carpet cleaning Ardington house Wantage.

Guest had one too many 🥂 and 🤮 over this lovely 100% green wool 🐑 carpet. The acid and dyes in the food and drink has caused permanent colour change which doesn’t simply ‘clean’ out. Using advanced stain removal techniques involving oxidisers and steam, I was able to remove the discolouration to the point that it was like it never …

We clean your carpets with soft water!

Did you know, we only use ‘soft’ water to clean your carpets and upholstery? Using soft water means we need less cleaning solutions. Cleaning solutions are less effective in hard water, using less means it’s a lot easier to ‘rinse’ the carpet, leaving it completely clean, preventing ‘rapid resoiling’ 💧 It also aids in the removal of previously embedded crystalized …

Porcelain tile cleaning in Abingdon

Textured porcelain tiles that the customer really struggles to clean and maintain coming up lovely 🤩 If you have any hard floors that you’d like a free demonstration on, simply get in touch 👍🏻 is

Black Limestone Repair & Clean Wantage

Cillit Bang spilt onto this lovely black Indian limestone floor, the product is an acid and ‘etched’ the floor causing permant damage 😩 I was able to take a very thin layer of stone off and polish the etching out 🤩 Below is a list of hard floor surfaces I offer cleaning of, sealing and repair: Travertine – Clean, Seal …

Limestone floor cleaning Wantage

This beautiful limestone is cleaning up nicely 🤩 The big stain was red wine 🍷 the client tried everything and assumed it was permanent. All clean, returning tomorrow afternoon to apply a impregnator Seal 💫 If you’d like a free demo to see how clean your hard-floors could look once restored, simply get in touch.

Wool carpet clean in Wantage

In house carer who was staying for a few weeks decided it’s ok to smoke and then ash all over this wool mix carpet 😧 What the f$#%

Ardington house

Carpet cleaning and quoting of bedrooms and lounge areas 🙌🏻 What an amazing building and grounds 🤩

Commercial carpet cleaning

‘Exclusive access to the Museum’ was how I roped my two lady’s into helping me 😊 #familyrunbusinessrocks #teamworkmakesthedreamwork